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Be better. It’s not about making others approve of you.It’s about wanting the best for yourself. 
Never let anyone’s thoughts, words, or actions towards you dictate the value of your life… Do right by Allah and do right by you. Focus on those two things and the rest will come together in the best way possible… InShaaAllah .. Have faith ☺️
Berapa banyak nasihat, apabila difikirkan secara tulus dan mendalam, sebenarnya….. lebih diperlukan oleh pemberinya berbanding penerimanya.. Teguran itu sebenarnya nasihat, yg penting bukan tentang ‘siapa’, tapi ‘apa isi’ nya.. Kadang itulah kebenaran yang sebenarnya, terimalah. Kerana itu hakikatnya daripada Allah, Dengan Izin-Nya … Seringkali Allah mendidik seorang manusia melalui manusia lain… :’)
"There are some people who enter your life like gems. These are the real diamonds. They have no ulterior motives, no inferiority complex, no superiority complex, no need to prove that they are better than you, or seek to have more than you. They don’t feel entitled and aren’t needy or dependent. They are not superficial or fake. They remind you of God and they understand you, when no other person does. They don’t wear a mask with you or pretend to be perfect. They are just real with you and honestly and sincerely only want good for you. You feel you can tell them anything without worrying that they will judge you or put you down for being imperfect. They know your flaws, but love you anyway. And they are loyal. You know they’ll be there for you. They’ll always have your back. And best of all, time and distance doesn’t change this. If you’ve met even one person in your entire life like this, you’re blessed.” 
-Yasmin Mogahed

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Wslm. InShaaAllah

Reflection is the lamp of the heart; If it departs the heart will have no lights ~ Imam Al-Haddad
The Ego between is a veil between humans and god ~ rumi
Beautiful words… :)